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Information just for you! (Really, this site is for Libraries staff only!)

The Hayden Library renovation planning has been afoot for a while, but with full approval for the project in January, we are full steam ahead. This project has many tendrils that impact work across the Libraries and the Institute. There is a public website for the renovation, and now we bring you the staff version.

Who are we?

The Communication Team (Brigham Fay, Howard Silver, Maria Rodrigues, Courtney Crummett) will be serving up information, sharing updates, reminders, and other tidbits along the way.

Our overall strategy is to provide you, the Libraries staff, with timely information in many modes so you may use the one that best suits you. These include:

  • This blog, which will also include:
    • Archived email updates from Chris or Tracy
    • Access to group charges and other documents in Google Docs
    • A list of communications that have gone out to the wider MIT community
  • Email to all staff when new blog posts publish
  • In-person opportunities to engage with stages of the work

Our full plan and strategy for both external and internal communication are available for your perusal.

Resources for community questions

Whether we encounter community members in the library, at a lecture, or while grabbing a coffee, we will be asked “What’s happening with Hayden?” We don’t expect everyone to memorize all the details or what we have shared with the community about the project. Here are some options for sharing information:

If you don’t know an answer to a question or whether you may share information:

  • Refer the person to the public FAQs on our website
  • Hand them a bookmark. Bookmarks will be available at the 5 library service points, providing the URL of the public FAQ and an email where library users and community members may submit questions or feedback.
    • We can provide additional bookmarks for other library units or individuals. Email us if you would like a supply, including how many you want.

Any requests for information from the press must be referred to Brigham Fay.

Sharing your input

There are a few ways to ask questions and share your input. We created a web form for staff to submit questions or feedback. There is a Staff FAQ that will be updated regularly to reflect common questions that arise. Please check the Staff FAQ first to see if someone else has asked the question that’s on your mind.

The questions and feedback will be shared with the Oversight Team as your questions and input will help the full project team understand what you need to know and allow us to seek new or improved ways to keep everyone in the loop and engaged with the project.